Dental implants are considered to be the most long-lasting solution to missing teeth. Consisting of a titanium post that is surgically inserted into the jawbone, an abutment and a dental restoration, dental implants restore the natural look and function of teeth.

Trusted Greenville dentist Dr. Matthew Warner offers traditional dental implants and mini dental implants. In this blog post, he discusses who is a candidate for mini dental implants.

Candidacy Details

Good candidates for both traditional dental implants and mini dental implants are individuals who are missing one or more teeth and are in good overall health. In addition, candidates for mini dental implants:

Have insufficient jawbone to support traditional dental implants. One of the many downsides of tooth loss is that it causes the jawbone to disintegrate. Without enough jawbone, the mouth may not be able to properly support traditional dental implants, unless a bone graft is performed. Although effective, dental implant placement with bone graft involves more invasive surgery, a longer recovery and a higher cost. Because mini dental implants have a smaller diameter than traditional implants, they are a great alternative option for patients with insufficient jawbone.

Desire a faster procedure and recovery. The surgery required to place mini dental implants is less invasive when compared to placement of standard dental implants. Mini dental implants can often be placed in one single dental visit as opposed to standard implants, which typically require at least two dental visits over the course of several months. Mini dental implants also require a shorter recovery. Individuals who wish to avoid a prolonged recovery and healing period may benefit from mini dental implants.

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Both traditional dental implants and mini dental implants come with benefits and limitations. The only way to find out which is right for you is to meet with a board-certified dentist. Dr. Warner has extensive experience placing both traditional implants and mini implants. After evaluating your mouth and your overall oral health, Dr. Warner can recommend the best treatment option for you. To schedule your consultation, please contact our Greenville office by calling (864) 546-4242 or emailing us today.