Want to get porcelain dental veneers in Greenville, SC? Porcelain veneers are a versatile and transformative solution for teeth that are misshapen, stained, discolored or unattractive in some way. Attaching a set of porcelain veneers creates a flawless, vibrant smile that looks completely natural.

Whether you have a single tooth that you’d like to conceal, or you want to transform several teeth, porcelain veneers might be the ideal fit for you. You are invited to discuss your personal dental needs with Dr. Matthew Warner, the Greenville, SC family dentist that patients trust for exceptional cosmetic dentistry solutions.

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What Are Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers are thin sheets or shells of porcelain that are placed over the surface of the teeth and bonded into place. They can conceal small imperfections and create uniformity and harmony between teeth that vary in shape, size or color.

Porcelain is a popular material used in dental restorations because it looks completely natural, is very strong and can last for many years without any problem.

Veneers are customized to the patient’s existing teeth. When placed, the veneers should be virtually indistinguishable from the adjacent natural teeth. Another advantage to customizing the veneers is they can look as natural or eye-catching as the patient likes!

Are Dental Veneers Right for You?

You might benefit from the placement of porcelain veneers if you have any of the following:

  • small chips or cracks in the teeth
  • tooth stains or discoloration that won’t respond to whitening products/treatments
  • small gaps between the teeth
  • teeth that are significantly worn down due to teeth grinding or clenching
  • minor alignment issues in the teeth (extremely misaligned teeth may require orthodontic treatment)
  • irregularly shaped or uneven teeth

The best way to determine whether porcelain veneers are right for you is to meet with Dr. Warner and discuss your treatment needs and goals. After learning more about what you’re looking for, Dr. Warner will either confirm that veneers are the best choice, or suggest an alternative treatment.

Veneers Placement Process

Getting dental veneers usually require two visits to the dental office. The first visit is to fit and shape the veneers to match your teeth, and the second visit to have them placed by the dentist.

First, the tooth receiving the veneers needs to be prepped. A small amount of tooth structure may be removed in order to make space for the veneer. Dr. Warner takes impressions of the tooth, and he and the patient discuss the desired shape, size and shade of the veneers.

This information is sent to the dental laboratory responsible for creating the veneer. In the meantime, the patient wears a temporary veneer over the prepared tooth.

Once the permanent veneer is ready, the temporary restoration is removed and the new one is bonded to the front of the tooth. Any last-minute adjustments can be made for fit or comfort.

Veneered teeth should be brushed and flossed daily to keep them clean, and checked by Dr. Warner every six months to a year to detect any problems. With the proper care and attention, veneers can last for many years!

Veneers FAQs

<strong>How much do porcelain veneers cost?</strong>

The cost of porcelain veneers varies, based on factors such as the materials and number of veneers. Dr. Warner can give you a cost estimate during a consultation.

<strong>What can veneers correct?</strong>

Veneers can conceal the appearance of teeth that are unevenly shaped, sized or spaced, teeth that are discolored or worn, or teeth that are chipped or cracked.

<strong>What are porcelain veneers made of?</strong>

As the name suggests, veneers are made of high-quality porcelain, which mimics the translucent quality of natural tooth enamel. Porcelain veneers are thin shells that when slipped over teeth, are virtually indistinguishable from surrounding teeth.

<strong>How are porcelain veneers created?</strong>

Porcelain veneers are created in a dental laboratory using impressions of your teeth. This ensures a proper fit and natural appearance.

<strong>How many dental appointments will I need for my porcelain veneers?</strong>

Placing porcelain veneers typically requires two appointments. In the first, Dr. Warner will examine and clean the teeth that need veneers. He may also remove a small amount of tooth enamel so the veneers can fit properly. Dr. Warner will then take impressions of your teeth and send them to a laboratory where your veneers will be fabricated. It takes approximately two weeks to create the veneers. In the meantime, he may place temporary veneers to protect your teeth. Once your permanent veneers are ready, you will return to our office for placement.

<strong>Is the veneers placement process painful?</strong>

Thanks to the use of a topical anesthetic, patients feel very little discomfort during treatment. Tooth sensitivity after the first appointment is normal due to the removal of a thin layer of enamel. This discomfort should dissipate within a few days.

<strong>Are veneers covered by dental insurance?</strong>

No, veneers are considered optional and therefore not covered by insurance.

Porcelain veneers are considered to be solely a cosmetic procedure and therefore are not covered by dental insurance. However, Dr. Warner offers several affordable financing options, including CareCredit to help patients pay for their dream smile.

To arrange an examination at Willoughby Dental of Greenville to talk about porcelain veneers, Call at (864) 546-4242 Or Schedule An Appointment Online.