Greenville SC Dentist

We have equipped our practice with advanced, modern technology to make all treatments both effective and comfortable as possible. At Willoughby Dental, we are proud to offer a numbing solution that is applied before an injection, rather than after.

Onset Local Anesthetic Buffer utilizes sodium bicarbonate, the body’s own natural buffering system, into the numbing solution before the injection. It will help you get numb fast, which means less time in the dental chair. We can also complete the procedure without ever leaving your side.

Onset works by raising the pH levels ideally to 7.5. The higher the pH, the less pain that you will feel during an injection. With a pH of 7.5, you may not even feel a thing when administered anesthetic.

Other benefits of Onset include a more comfortable form of anesthesia, fast onset of anesthesia, reduced amounts of anesthetic and less time spent in the dental chair.

At Willoughby Dental, we strive to provide you treatment utilizes the latest in modern technology. Your comfort, experience and health are our main priorities.