Dental bridges are one of the strongest and most durable restorations that Dr. Matthew Warner offers at his Greenville dental practice. Designed to replace a missing tooth, dental bridges consist of an artificial tooth that is supported by surrounding teeth. The benefits of replacing missing teeth with dental bridges are many. Dr. Warner outlines some of those benefits in this blog post.

Restored Function

Gaps and spaces can cause your teeth to shift around, interfering with your ability to speak properly. In addition, if you have missing teeth, you may favor chewing and eating foods on one side, putting stress on your teeth and bite. Dental bridges provide you with a full set of teeth that is essential for normal eating, chewing and speaking.

Enhanced Oral Health

Gaps left by one or more missing teeth can negatively affect your oral health. Spaces in between your teeth can become a breeding ground for bacteria, leading to tooth decay, gum disease or other serious dental problems. Research shows that closing gaps (paired with proper oral hygiene) can reduce one’s risk of gum disease.

Normal Facial Appearance

Teeth help support and stimulate jaw bone. Without teeth, the jaw bone becomes atrophied and shrinks, leading to a sunken and aged facial appearance. Dental bridges can prevent further jaw bone and facial tone loss, preserving a normal and youthful facial appearance.

Dental Bridges Are Fixed Into Position

Unlike dentures, dental bridges are never removed. They are cemented into place using a strong dental adhesive. In addition, Dr. Warner will take impressions of your teeth to fabricate your bridge in order to ensure a precise and snug fit. You can eat, speak and smile comfortably without worrying that your teeth will slip out.

Natural-looking Results

Your dental bridge will be made of ceramic, porcelain or other high-quality materials that resemble the look and feel of natural teeth. In addition, we use a shade guide to match your restoration’s color to the color of your natural teeth. Your dental bridge will blend in with your natural teeth so you can smile confidently at all times.

Are you interested in learning more about dental bridges? Dr. Warner will gladly meet with you to discuss whether a dental bridge is right for you. Schedule your one-on-one consultation by calling Willoughby Dental at (864) 546-4242.