One of the unique benefits of mini dental implants is that they can be placed quicker and less invasively than full-size regular dental implants. You can enjoy your newly improved smile sooner and with less discomfort than you would if you opted for regular implants.

Read on as Dr. Matthew Warner of Willoughby Dental sheds light on the process of placing mini dental implants.

The Anatomy of a Mini Dental Implant

Mini-Dental-ImplantBefore Dr. Warner describes how a mini dental implant is placed, it is helpful to understand the hardware that makes up the tooth replacement.

Mini dental implants have a medical-grade titanium post about half the diameter of a full-size implant post. The top of the post has a ball-shaped head that, when placed, extends above the gumline. This head snaps onto the designated spot on the false tooth restoration (i.e., either a crown or a denture) and the tooth rests on top of the gum tissue.

The Mini Dental Implant Placement Process

Unlike full-size dental implants, which require at least two visits to install, mini dental implants can be placed in a single visit. Local anesthesia is administered for patient comfort.

First, Dr. Warner carefully plans out the placement of the mini dental implant or implants, based on the anatomy of the mouth and the jawbone. A small opening is created in the gum tissue and then the jawbone beneath the gap left by the missing tooth. Then, the mini dental implant post is inserted into the opening in the jawbone and tightened so it fits securely. Next, the crown or denture appliance snaps onto the top of the implant post. Finally, any last-minute tweaks are made to adjust the fit or comfort of the implant and false tooth.

Because the procedure to place mini dental implants is less invasive than what is required to place full-size implants, there is little pain afterward. Over-the-counter pain medication can alleviate any discomfort.

In the months following mini dental implant placement, the post integrates with the jawbone, becoming part of the bone’s anatomy. This provides a sturdy foundation for the artificial tooth or teeth, and keeps the jawbone stimulated and strong.

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