Are you looking for a permanent, comfortable tooth replacement but hesitate at the thought of dental implants because of the projected costs and treatment time? Mini dental implants may be a more suitable solution for you. They offer all of the advantages of regular dental implants but with some unique advantages.

Take a moment to learn about the benefits of mini dental implants from Dr. Matthew Warner of Willoughby Dental.

Less Hardware

Mini dental implants have a smaller diameter than regular dental implants. They may be a good option for you if you do not have enough room in the mouth for regular dental implants or if your jawbone or gums do not allow for full-size implants.

Although they are smaller, they are still strong, stable and very reliable. Mini dental implants will enable you to eat, speak and smile with complete confidence.

Can Be Placed and Restored in a Single Visit

The timeframe for placing and restoring mini dental implants is much shorter than that required to place traditional implants. In fact, mini dental implants can be placed and restored in as little as a single visit with Dr. Warner. This saves you valuable time in the dental chair.

The procedure to install mini dental implants is also less invasive than that to place full-sized implants. It normally does not require bone grafting to prepare the jawbone to receive and retain the implant posts, and it does not disturb the bone and tissue as much as traditional dental implants do.

Quick Recovery Period

Because the procedure to place mini dental implants is less invasive, the recovery period after placing mini dental implants is quite short and usually does not require prescription painkillers. Any discomfort should be mild enough to be quelled with over-the-counter medication.

More Cost-Effective than Traditional Implants

Cost should never be the primary factor when choosing mini dental implants, but it does matter. Because mini dental implants have smaller parts and require fewer appointments to place, they are less expensive than full-size implants.

Schedule a Consultation to Discuss Mini Dental Implants

If you would like to learn more about the differences between mini dental implants and full-size implants, and determine the option that is right for you, Dr. Warner invites you to come in for a consultation. Please call (864) 546-4242 or email our office to set up your visit.